99stalls.com is a project under Zoewebs. Zoewebs is the leading web design and digital marketing agency Malaysia. Office located at Penang and KL. We served many branded customers globally for more than 12 years. During lock down time, many hawkers and small businessmen can’t go out to do their business as usual. This causes sellers have income problem At the same time, many customers can’t buy things like cloth, food, appliances, digital product, healthcare products from local seller easily. Because customers don’t know how to reach all the seller That’s why we setup 99stalls.com. It provide a platform for local customers to reach local sellers

How it

Seller put their stuff online and let customers know they are still operating.

Buyer then make order online or contact seller directly.

Seller deliver the product to customer and collect the payment.

By doing

Seller can still do business

Seller ship the product themselves and save 30% delivery charges

Customer can still buy product locally

Let's market our business together